this is my blog. I use it to write about things that interest me, and hopefully help people who stumble across it with similar interests.

Most of my articles relate to the use of translation technology... and typically technology I use in my daily work.


social media

i'm pretty fed up with social media. I deleted my facebook, instagram, linkedin and my twitter accounts. They don't add any value to my life at all, only eating up time I'll never get back with endless amounts of crap feeding the greedy ambitions of the profiteering few.

I think the idea is good, but the implementation and how it's influencing our society today is dreadful. So all gone!


the ubiquitous evolution of AI stands poised to reshape the fabric of our society, touching everyone. As this technology grows in complexity and influence everyone must take personal responsibility to understand its potential: the promise it holds for efficiency, personalisation, and problem-solving contrasts sharply with concerns over privacy, job displacement, and unprecedented ethical dilemmas. Get informed and make it work for you!

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